LEDalux - LXAD25Q

LXAD25Q Description

The VARILUX LXAD25Q features a uniquely designed housing with vertical fins for an architectural style, and offers seven mounting options and three wattages. This versatility allows it to be used across an entire site for a uniform appearance. The area lighting mounts allow mounting heights of up to 30 feet, ideal for both parking lots and roadway use, while the flood mounting options provide ground mount, post and pole mounting capabilities. The wall mount options complete the lighting package.

LXAD25Q Benefits and Features

Die Cast Housing with Integral Heat Sinking and Front Frame. Photocell Adaptable. Includes Receptacle and Shorting Cap. Photocell Option Not Available When Using WB-Wall Mount Box Option.
Textured Architectural Bronze Powdercoat Finish Over a Chromate Conversion Coating. Custom Colors Available Upon Request.
Clear Flat Glass Lens or Clear Flat Prismatic Glass Lens
Mounting Options:
Mount with Optional Easy Hang Wall Bracket, Wall Mount Box, Two-Piece Swivel Bracket, Slipfitter, Kitty Hawk Mounting Arm or Pole Mounting Arm Adaptor.
Aluminum Boards
Array: 74.3w, System: 81w Lumens: 8,850
Array: 111.5w, System: 121w Lumens: 13,100
Electronic Driver, 120-277V, 50/60Hz or 347/480V, 50/60Hz; Dimmable Driver.

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