OPTX-LPC1 Description


The O P T X – LPC1 is ultra slim profile canopy for use in compact spaces or lower mounting heights. This 8” canopy was designed with 120V driver on board LED light engine technology. The specially designed polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) UV stabilized lens optimizes visual comfort without sacrificing lighting efficacy. Attention to tasks at hand at schools, libraries, pharmacy drive thru lanes and truck stop sites are enhanced by optimizing the quality of light within the environment. The durable and robust design allows for universal surface or pendant mounting. Delivering 1,905 lumens while consuming only 20 watts, it’s the ideal low profile and power canopy light.

OPTX-LPC1 Benefits and Features

• 8” square canopy with precision die-formed aluminum housing

• Slim 1.2” profile

• Integral thermal management achieved with a 1/8” enclosure with vents

• White polyester powder coat finish

• Suitable for wet locations

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