LEDalux - MFD11

MFD11 Description

MFD11 provides an economical, efficient, flexible and long-life floodlight. The low-profile and stylish exterior design can be well integrated into various architectural environments. Available in three sizes and multiple lumen packages from 15W-120W, this product also achieves up to 161lm/W efficiency. CCT & Power adjustable, which can save energy and facilitate customer stocking. Reliable IP65 structural design, MFD11 is suitable for general flood lighting of courtyards, driveways, buildings, billboards, etc.

MFD11 Benefits and Features

• Die-cast aluminum optimizes heat dissipation, which effectively improves the LED efficiency.
• Durable surface coating and fully sealed tempered glass extend the durability of the fixture.

• Optics(NEMA Type): 7Hx7V.
• Scalable Lumen Packages from 2,050 to 19,000 Lumens.
• The use of advanced refraction and reflection optical design concepts provides an optimal combination of vertical and horizontal illumination.
• The heat-resistant and impact-resistant glass maximizes light distribution.

LED Module
• Light engines can be changed to 3000K/4000K/5000K.

• Universal 120-277 VAC input voltage.
• 1-10V dimming.
• Both drivers have a power factor >90%, THD <20%.
• Operating Temperature Range: -40 C – + 40 C (-40 F – + 104 F).

• Photocell option.

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