LEDalux - MLH06

MLH06 Description

Our MLH06 is our best choice for fluorescent high bays. The wattage and CCT can be changed by switch selection on the controller, it easy and very fast to meet the varied requirements. Advanced thermal management aluminum alloy with white coat finish. Available for pendant mount or sling mount.

MLH06 Benefits and Features

• Best choice for replacing fluorescent high bays.
• Voltage is 120-277V & 347/480V.
• Optional prismatic diffuser reduces glare.
• Optional frosted diffuser delivers best light uniformity.
• Bi-level PIR sensor is optional.
• Emergency Battery optional.
• Standard 1-10V dimming.
• Steel wire cable (standard), pendant or surface mounting available.
• Projected lifespan of 50,000 hrs.

Downloadable Files