LEDalux - MPL01

MPL01 Description

The MPL01 features an urban style by the simple shape and the heavy material. IT’s slim and elegant arc is both aesthetical and practical. This unit is suitable for greenbelts, walking pathways and pedestrian plazas, as well as any other building perimeters requiring a proper light source.

MPL01 Benefits and Features

  • Efficacy higher than 120 lm/W with zero uplight while consumes 45W, 70W, 87W, 130W.
  • Symmetry foot appearance conveys environmental harmony.
  • Install on poles which top diameter limited to 2 3/8″ or 3″.
  • Suitable for installation heights of 8-20 feet.
  •  1-10V dimming and projected over 50,000 hrs life span.
  • Operating temperature is -40°C to 45°C (-40°F to 113°F).
Downloadable Files