zBloom Grow Lights

LEDalux - zBloom Grow Lights

zBloom Grow Lights Description

This zBloom unit provides industry leading performance with an industry standard footprint. These grow lights are fully customizable to suit individual growing styles. The zBloom grow lighting has natural white light with a powder coated aluminum housing.

zBloom Grow Lights Benefits and Features

• Industry Leading Performance
• Industry Standard Footprint
• Fully Customizable to Suit Individual Growing Styles
• Natural White Light
• Patented Tunable Spectrum
(USPN 9,820,447; 10,159,198; CAPN CA2994308C)
• Optional 385nm/660nm Kicker
• Powder Coated Aluminum Housing
• UL8800 Horticultural Approval
• Made in the USA

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