GLHID Description

The GLHID-1000 is a high-performance, high intensity discharge (HID) grow light. Designed to illuminate commercial horticultural facilities, the HIDGL-1000 provides uniform illumination from T10, dual-ended HID lamps, which are both an economical and proven lighting technology. Using either high pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) lamps, the GLHID-1000 provides a wide variety of lighting color spectrums, which optimize plant growth at all stages of maturation.

GLHID Benefits and Features

• Complete luminaire comes with the following standard equipment: Electronic HID ballast, reflector, HPS lamp, AC power cord, and one set of ratcheting rope hangers.

• Models designed for use with 120-240 input voltage come standard with a detachable AC cordset terminated with a NEMA5-15P (120V) plug. Use optional, detachable AC power cord with NEMA 6-15P plug for 208-240V applications.

• Models designed for use with 208-277 input voltage come standard with a hard-wired AC cordset terminated with stripped wires.

• Field-adjustable, 5-level dimming adjustment provides control over individ- ual luminaires. Optional programmable controller provides control over up to 100 luminaires.

• Delivers photosynthetic photon flux (400-700 nanometers) of 1,648 mol/second of photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) with HPS lamps, and 1,241mol/second of PAR with MH lamps (both with dimming control at the 1,000 level). See Spectral Quantum Distribution for additional details.

• Input power of 1,055 Joules*, and photosynthetic photon efficiency (PPE) of 1.6 with HPS lamps and 1.2 with MH lamps.

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