LEDalux - MHB09

MHB09 Description

Our MHB09 has a high return on investment. The compact and light-weight housing design provides excellent heat management while also supporting three installation methods – hanging, hook, and surface mount. The hanging method does not require additional adapters for installation, making it easy to operate. MHB09 is a versatile high bay suitable for a variety of areas including warehouses, gyms, covered outdoor areas, garden centers, and mezzanines.

MHB09 Benefits and Features

• Casting thermally conducts LED heat to optimize performance and long life.
• With corrosion-resistant powder coating that provides protection and architectural appearance while adapting well to the environment.

• Light engines are available in standard 3000K, 4000K, 5000K( 80 CRI) configurations.
• Scalable Lumen Packages from 6,300 to 17,100 Lumens.
• Anti-UV prismatic translucent len is designed to shape the light unifor- mity and controls the glare light.

• Universal 120V or 230V/240VAC input voltage.
• PF >90%, THD <20%.
• Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to 40°C (-40 F – + 104 F).

• Hook Mount.
• Conduit Pendant Mount.
• U-Bracket Mount.

Downloadable Files