LEDalux - MLH05

MLH05 Description

The MLH05 series is a rugged, reliable, versatile and durable compact Linear high bay. The specially designed optical system can effectively reduce glare and provide comfortable illumination effect. The use of reliable and durable die-cast housings contributes to longer service life and increased efficiency. The MLH05 also offers field- adjustable lumen output in four gears: 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%; CCT options are available in two color temperatures, 4000K and 5000K. Both are operated by a simple DIP switch. This will significantly reduce the customer’s SKU and thus achieve a budget-friendly purpose.

MLH05 Benefits and Features


• The rugged, one-piece die-cast aluminum housing features a rock-sol- id quality and performance.
• The LED module and driver are I-separated and extend service life through convection cooling, thermal management.
• The compact design saves labor cost and improves installation efficiency.
• Innovative contractor-friendly packaging makes installation faster.


• Light engines are available in color selectable version, the CCT can be changed to two CCTs (4000K, 5000K).
• Scalable Lumen Packages from 8,200 to 37,000 Lumens.
• Prismatic translucent lens is designed to shape the light uniformity and controls the glare light.
• Optional for aisle lens has an asymmetric distribution for aisle or rack areas.

Downloadable Files