LEDalux - MVT04

MVT04 Description

The MVT04 series Vapor Tight fixture withstands rugged environments and is available in 4-foot and 8-foot lengths. The fixture housing is made of clean and pure PC material with excellent stability and durability, and a stainless steel clip for easy disassembly and installation. With the ability to switch lumens and adjust color temperature in one fixture, greatly reducing SKUs. Emergency Battery Back Up and sensor options are availalble. The MVT04 series vapor tight is an ideal solution for outdoor venues, canopies and locker rooms.

MVT04 Benefits and Features

• Closed housing is sealed against moisture and environmental contaminants.
• Stainless steel clamp design, convenient assembly and separation of lamp body.
• 4 feet and 8 feet are available.

• Up to 90W output 12800 lumens.
• Adjustable lumen output with three lumen gears LV1, LV, LV3.
• Switchable color temperature 3500K/4000K/5000K.

• Auxiliary 12V output.
• Universal 120-277 VAC input voltage.
• 0-10V dimming standard for a dimming range of 100% to 10%.
• PF >90%, THD <20%.
• Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to 50°C

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