LEDalux - WBV-320L

WBV-320L Description

LEDalux has developed leading edge LED grow light technology that replaces traditional fluorescent and HID lighting in the beginning growth stages of the plant. The WIDE BODY VEG is a 320W LED fixture that is designed to replace a 400W MH of a 10-lamp T5HO fixture on a one for one basis. Wide distribution and coverage make the WIDE BODY VEG the logical choice for veg and mother rooms.

WBV-320L Benefits and Features

• Full-spectrum white LED light provides perfect spectral 2×4’ performance for vegetative and mother juvenile or leafy plants

• Low watt energy consumption

• Over 70% of lighting intensity concentrated within the 120 degree beam angle

• Premium build quality to withstand rigorous environments

• Isolated, vented driver compartment optimizes thermal dissipation

• Wide body design ensures smooth, even light distribution perfect for vegetating plants

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