LEDalux - MPL01-DDK

MPL01-DDK Description

The post top provides a unique, scalable lighting solution targeted for 8’ to 20’ mounting heights. Its design brings proportion to parking lots, drive lanes, entrances, building perimeters and pathways. The excellent optical design that deliver the smooth light with a very good uniformity. The structure is clean and more popular, promotes harmony between the outdoor lighting and architecture.

MPL01-DDK Benefits and Features

• Rugged die-cast aluminum housing secures the thermally conductive LED panel and electrical cha.
• Show off urban style by the simple shape and the solid material.
• Housing is completely sealed against moisture and environmental contaminants.

• Single CCT 4000K and 5000K are available for standard version, and the 130W offer the color tunable version, the CCT can be changed to 3000K/ 4000K/5000K. • Scalable Lumen Packages from 5,400 to 17,200 Lumens.
• High performance UV stabilized optical grade polymer optic lenses to achieve desired distribution optimized to get target lumens and a superior lighting uniformity.
• The optics can conform to dark sky requirement.

• Universal 120-277 VAC or 347-480 VAC input voltage.
• Standard with 0-10V dimming allowing for 10% to 100% dimming.
• The 130W optional for 4 positions wattage regulation: 130W, 87W, 70W, 45W. • THD: ≤20%
• Power Factor: ≥90%

Downloadable Files